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Built for 'New Bedford Harbor Revisited' exhibition at New Bedford Museum of Art. Three screen 'shadow animation' is a projection made with flashlight beams and turntables.

"In many ways a harbor is a kind of stage; a semi fixed physical space with exits and entrances, shifts in lighting, and a changing cast of characters. Step onto a stage, or off a dock, and you may find yourself in another world." For centuries the stage we call New Bedford Harbor has hosted a looping series of acts; the creation, disintegration and regeneration of it’s fishing industry has been one of its defining narratives. StageFright mimics the repetitive actions of a commercial harbor- waiting, working, arriving and departing. Images are created by placing cut-paper on slowly spinning turntables; illuminated from the back they revolve like an oft- repeated story, or a reoccurring dream.

StageFright; animated shadow installation
(moving image found at :https://vimeo.com/71066246)
cut paper, taxidermy, turntables, flashlights, vellum