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This wall drawing was made on the grounds of Chateau la Napoule, La Napoule, France, in the winter of 2004. I spent 2 months at an artist residency there, living in the castle and basically gaining "run of the place' with my chalk and scissors. This little tower sat out over the ocean with an exterior set of stone steps winding into it, just broken enough to be closed to the general public, and empty enough to support my outakes on it's walls. Every day at noon a bright pink truck would show up from a local bakery and deliver bright pink boxes of little cakes. After 4 weeks I longed for a bright green truck to arrive bearing spinach or kale, but it never did. It was a world of many cakes and few vegtables. After 6 weeks I started hiding the cakes under my dinner napkin and chopping up the boxes after hours. They became an important source material in all the work I made at the castle that winter.

Tower at Chateau La Napoule, La Napoule, France
LoveLetter/ La Petite Tour
cake boxes and chalk