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Alternative Proposal, 9mx12m, roofing paper, spray paint, excerpt from Mary Oliver’s Prayer, site specific intervention made for Green Earth Vinalhaven, 2009 Alternative Proposal was created in response to a building considered an eyesore by neighbors. I set out to try and rearrange the way we percieve industrial spaces and to consider the history they contain. The original land was reclaimed from the ocean and this site once housed the cutting sheds for the Bodwell Granite Co. (mid 19c- early 20c.) The image of the Eagle is iconic - scores of these were sculpted here and shipped to Federal Post offices around the US at the turn of last century. The text, an excerpt from the Mary Oliver poem Prayer reads:
It doesn’t have to be the blue iris,
it could be weeds in a vacant lot
this isn’t a contest
but a doorway into thanks
and into a silence in which
another voice may speak

Alternative Proposal, produced for exhibition "Green Earth Vinalhaven"
Alternative Proposal
spray paint, roofing paper